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Melania Trump Club
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kylie Jenner's Latest Nude Bathing Suit Sends a Sexy Message

Kylie Jenner has taken her love of skin-tone bathing suits to the next level. The
18-year-old star continued her summer of selfies, posing poolside in a nude one-piece that featured the word “Pleasure” written across her chest.

In the pantheon of Kylie Jenner nude swimsuits, this style might actually be the raciest she’s worn yet, barely inching out the flesh-tone bikini she wore earlier this week. The high cut of the one-piece teamed with the branded front is definitely sending some kind of message. What, you may ask? The only thing that’s clear is that Kylie definitely gets pleasure from posting bikini selfies.

We have a feeling a metallic red is headed our way and maybe even a bright blue shade, because what would a patriotic weekend filled with barbecues and beaches be without the appropriate Kylie Jenner lip color to leave the perfect mouth print on your red solo cup.

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